Task 1: Development of IN-CORE Platform Expand to view more

Task 1 will ensure that IN-CORE is a functioning platform for community resilience assessment and risk-informed decision support at the conclusion of Year 10.

Task 2: IN-CORE Outreach and Sustainability Expand to view more

Task 2 is aimed at engaging real communities and end-users in the further development of IN-CORE, ensuring its sustainability beyond Year 10 and enabling future community planners and researchers to apply IN-CORE in the broadest possible context.

Task 3: Mitigation and Recovery Expand to view more

Task 3 addresses how community planning and best practices, including engineering solutions, policy and financial levers, both conventional and unconventional, are fully integrated into IN-CORE.

Task 4: Verification and Validation of IN-CORE Expand to view more

Task 4 will substantiate the IN-CORE forecasts of community resilience in both research and practical assessment contexts, based on the CoE’s testbeds, hindcasts, field studies, and other information.

Task 5: Modeling Complex Systems Expand to view more

Task 5 is aimed at gaining additional insights on the interdependencies of complex systems and completing some of the coupled analyses that were initiated in the Center’s first phase.

Task 6: Modeling of Interdependencies and Propagation of Uncertainty Expand to view more

will ensure that interdependencies in complex systems are addressed with the best available science and that community models are represented at appropriate scales for efficient risk-informed decision-making support.