IN-CORE User Workshop

Wednesday May 26, 2021 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM (MDT)

Learn the Interdependent Networked Community Resilience Modeling Environment (IN-CORE) platform by developing a Jupyter notebook working with Center students and IN-CORE developers. The Center for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning has released IN-CORE v2.1.1 which is free to all and allows users to set up models of communities and explore physical, social, and economic dimensions of resilience and their interaction. This inaugural workshop includes overviews of core concepts and technology, followed by hands-on use of IN-CORE. Time is included for preparing your environment, and partially complete Jupyter notebooks will be provided to get you started. By the end of the workshop, you will be performing damage analysis for earthquake and tornado hazards and visualizing outputs of that analysis. The workshop is targeted toward researchers and resilience professionals who have a basic knowledge of Python, Jupyter notebooks, and related scripting tools.

  • Basic python knowledge (or programming knowledge)
  • IN-CORE account
  • Familiarity with Jupyter notebooks

To learn more about IN-CORE including a link to obtain an IN-CORE account, click here

Workshop Topics:
  • Overview of IN-CORE
  • Earthquake and Tornado Hazard Models
  • Buildings and Electrical Power Facilities Damage Analysis
  • Visualization of Outputs
  • Examples for developing IN-CORE Models
IN-CORE user workshop

To download the video, click here.